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About My Coaching Services

We’re glad you have chosen Marandan Renea, LLC as your business strategy coach. As we know, legitimizing your business along with branding can make or break your success in any industry. As we embark on this journey together, we hope you reach the level of exposure and profit you are seeking. Of course, we cannot guarantee the level of success you may have in mind; but, what we can guarantee is the best from what catapulted my business and brand along with the knowledge I have learned from being in the industry for 15 years.

We hope this experience is life-changing!


What Do We Offer?

Legitimize Your Business

  • Incorporating
  • Retail/Wholesale License
  • Business License
  • Tax Entity Advice
  • Etc.


  • Business Names
  • Logo Concepts
  • Social Media Revamp
  • Content Pictures
  • Website Development

Specific Needs

  • Searching for Locations
  • Vendor Info (if retailing)
  • Business Outfit
  • Business Development
  • Budget Analysis
  • Event Planning


  • Potential assistance work (in field only)
  • 10% off MRBA classes
  • Insider on Networking Events
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